Where is the best place to flip houses right now?

As a subscriber, you have 10 gift items to give each month. Anyone can read what you share. But as the saying goes, results can vary, and a big variable is location. For the WalletHub study, 172 major cities (including the 150 largest in the United States and at least two major cities in each state) were compared on metrics in three categories to identify the best and worst cities for changing homes.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Newark, New Jersey. The highest return on investment came in Pittsburgh, although with home values not particularly high and renovation costs not particularly low, changing a home was not as lucrative as in other cities. For fins who care about their budget, Mobile, Ala.

Here are the 10 best cities to change houses and the 10 worst, according to the WalletHub study. The website compared more than 170 cities in the United States based on 26 indicators of their market potential, cost and quality of life. The data includes everything from the average purchase price of homes in sites such as Airdeed Homes Texas to the average remodeling costs. Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Missoula, Montana; Peoria, Arizona; Nampa, ID; and Tampa, Florida, come as the best cities overall for moving houses.

At the opposite extreme, some of the worst cities overall include Newark, New Jersey; Oakland, California; Yonkers, New York; San Francisco, California; and Bridgeport, Connecticut. If you're looking for the best places to change homes in Colorado, consider investing in Denver. The average ROI in this city is 109%, thanks to the many technology companies operating from there. Colorado ranks excellent in most categories and only underperforms when it comes to remodeling prices.

Still, it's possible to find great home exchange properties and sell them in two months. New Jersey has a high middle income and a strong housing market. The state also has a lot of real estate agents and an average ROI of 141.6%. It is, therefore, an excellent destination for home lovers to consider.

As for the best places to change homes in New Jersey, we recommend Atlantic City. Because of its proximity to New York and its rapid growth, Atlantic City is an attractive destination. The same can be said for changing homes in Maryland, the state that was located just below New Jersey. If you're still determined to transform the worst house on the block into a model home, WalletHub can help you find the best market to conduct your trade.

The personal finance website compared 172 U.S. UU. Cities in 26 key metrics measured on a scale of one to 100, with a score of 100 representing the most favorable conditions for changing homes. WalletHub then evaluated market potential, with a value of 35 possible points; renovation and remodeling costs, with a value of 35 possible points; and quality of life, with a value of 30 possible points, to rank each city by its total score.

Here, in ascending order, are the 10 best places to change houses. As a real estate investor hoping to invest homes in New York, you should be reassured to know that demand for local properties is high. Any experienced homeowner would warn you that transforming a repair home into a profitable property is a difficult process. Fortunately, the personal finance website WalletHub did some of the research to determine the best (and worst) cities to invest in right now, so that you can lock down a property, renovate and resell it for a profit in a short time.

And if you're seriously considering moving houses, make sure you're aware of the hidden costs and risks that the company entails. You'll want to determine what average home prices are, what a renovation would cost you, and why it would appeal to potential buyers. With a Growing Housing Market, Greensboro Ranks Among the Best Places to Change Homes in North Carolina. While Changing Homes in Louisiana May Not Be the Obvious Option, the State Is a Place of Opportunity.

Homes in this state sell for about three months, while Louisiana's home value index ranks 16th. But fans of HGTV's “Flip or Flop” and A&E's “Flipping Vegas” know that behind every home's veneer, plaster and wood frames can lurk a potential budget-breaking expense that costs more to repair than it generates in profits. Among other factors, he also compared prices, the proportion of home changes in each city, real estate taxes, and where homes were sold for asking for more and for how much. A home exchange is when an investor buys a property with the sole intention of rehabilitating and reselling it for a profit.

To determine the best and worst cities to change homes, WalletHub compared 172 cities, including the 150 most populous U. Although considered an old-school technique, direct mail can still yield positive results for domestic fins. Investors who invest properties in this area use their own personal funds or apply for a loan from a hard money lender. .